Scroll down to see photos of the kinds of sculptures we create.

Click on the links below to see some of the sculptures that are available right now. Email me the number on the picture to make sure it’s in stock.

Click on this link to see 4 new sculptures in the round series. The biggest rounds I’ve made – 36”:

Click on this link to see a brand new series of 12 sculptures called Cedar Landscapes:

Click in this link to see my latest sculptures called landscapes. Most are with Windblown trees. Two are with maple and cedar trees:

The pictures on this page include styles of sculptures not seen in the links above.

Email or call me with any questions or to buy any of these sculptures.     641-919-7167

The prices of the pieces on the above page:

12” rounds $115

16” rounds $185

20” rounds $260

26” rounds $370

Wind blown Silhouette (8 1/2 x  8 1/2” square) $90

Oak silhouette (15” x 18”) $179

Oval  20” x 28” – $380

Arch – cedar (with frame)  9” x 28” – $185

Arch – cedar (approximately 12” x 28”) (no frame) $225

Landscapes (multiple trees on wood) Sizes and prices are in the comments. The small are around $250 to $375. The Large are $400 to $500.


Our trees are made in the form of windblown, maple, oak and cedar. They come in different sizes and in black, aluminum, and copper. Some can be shipped easily.  Call or email to purchase. See the contact page. Email – .  641-919-7614.

The Live Oak are made in black, though can be ordered in silver. They are more difficult to ship, so call or email and we can work out how to get one to you.

Prices are quoted without tax and shipping. To be added at purchase.

Prices: Mini trees: Windblown and Maple. Slate-$65. Black, silver, and copper.
Small trees: Windblown and Maple. Slate – Black and silver – $95 copper $100. Wall -Black and silver -$90 -Copper-$95.
Large trees: Windblown and Maple Slate – $165. Wall-Black and silver-$135. Copper $5 more.
Live Oaks: Large-$600. Medium-$400. Small-$175
Rounds: 26”-$370, 20”-$260, 16”-$185, 11”-$115. Most trees are black. Oak, Windblown, and maple.

Ovals: 20” x 28” – $380

As everything we create is one of a kind, we may not have the piece that you see in the pictures in the website. If you are interested in a particular piece, email us the item # of the one you like and we will email pictures similar to that piece if we do not have that one.

Photos here also include one of a kind or limited number series pieces, prices as noted.